Bespoke Therapy

Individual Therapy

I offer short, medium or longer term counselling/therapy to anyone, irrespective of age, gender, sexual orientation, culture, race or religion.


My Counselling Philosophy is to:

  • Heal what is hurt, damaged or broken.
  • Seek clarity, resolution and compromise to problems.
  • Try to find balance in all areas of life.
  • To assist in personal and/or spiritual growth.
  • Discover/rediscover your true self (the one buried under your life experiences, bruises and masks).
  • To find your hope, inner resources and confidence to move forward.


My Counselling Room is a safe place where you will be welcomed, no matter whether your problems are personal, relational, emotional, behavioural, physical, spiritual, or social.  It is a safe place where you will be listened to, understood and allowed to have a voice. If you have family or educational issues, career or stress/trauma-related problems, be assured that I can help you work through and address them.

My work is ethical, non-judgemental, totally confidential, with a high level of integrity, empathy and compassion.

The first step is recognising/admitting that there is a problem, with yourself, a life situation or with a relationship.

Bespoke Therapy & training allows your journey in therapy to happen gently and naturally.

Your acknowledgement and self-honesty are essential for any resolution, healing or progress to begin because if we change nothing, nothing will change.


Every one of us at times face challenges and dilemmas – milestones in our lives and transition points that can leave us confused or emotionally charged. You might be feeling anxiety, unhappy in your relationship, dis-satisfied at work or experiencing ill-health or loss. You may be lacking in confidence or unsure of the way ahead. Sometimes we need to step back, review and refocus – to look at what matters to us and to make new decisions that support us. Whatever it is that you are facing at this time there is a good chance that counselling or Psychotherapy may help you find your way through. It`s a great opportunity to sort out what is going on inside and to express thoughts and feelings you might never have expressed or even acknowledged to yourself before. It is a safe space to explore whatever is important to you at this time and to explore decisions and changes if that is what matters to you most right now.

I am a qualified and experienced Integrative therapist and Counsellor. I work holistically and aim to support you to find your own answers and your best way forward. It is my role to create a safe space for you to share your experiences and feelings, dilemmas and choices and to support you in achieving the outcomes that are right for you.


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