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Please take your time to browse through our website. If you have any questions relating to any of various subjects covered, or experiencing a problem that is affecting you or your life please contact us for a confidential conversation which may help you decide the best way forward for you.

After working, counselling and training with mental health issues for over 15 years we acknowledge that 1 in 4 people suffer from varying mental health issues often becoming stuck in the mental health system due of the lack of public funding and end up not knowing which way to turn.

Sometimes people shy away from counselling because of the continuing stigma around mental health or because counselling/therapy is too expensive, therefore we have developed Bespoke Therapy and Training to help meet a wide range of requirements in today’s private and business life.

We are passionate about helping people. As well as the normal hourly rate, we can offer reduced fees to people who are genuinely on low incomes.

If you wish to be considered for a reduced fee please ask when making your initial contact with us. During your initial assessment, we will discuss a fee that is affordable to you. (Please see the "Fee" page). We can then place you with a qualified counsellor who has less experience but able to work with people for a reduced fee.

We realise that every human being is unique and that our individual life journey begins the moment that we are conceived. Every past experience (good or not so good), right through to this present moment has had an impact on your everyday life and the emotional you. For example, the way in which you were parented, your relationships, society, culture, education, religion, sexuality etc are all influential on how you view life and live on a day to day basis. These previous experiences will affect your brain development, how you engage and communicate with individuals or groups of people at home or at work, your confidence, self-worth, whether you are reactive or responsive, how you think about yourself etc, and ultimately the quality of your life and mental health.

Millions of workdays are lost annually due to anxiety, stress, depression and other mental health conditions.

Millions of people struggle on a day to day basis with depression, anxiety, low confidence/self-esteem, panic attacks, flashbacks, bad relationships at home and at work, anger, phobias, food issues and so on. Many of which are kept secret because of the continuing stigma surrounding mental health issues or the fear of being found out by work, friends or loved ones.

Millions of people hide their past, tucking it up in a box and trying to put a lid on it all, this is fine for a while, but we do not bury these emotional experiences dead, we bury them alive and at some point they can break out and cause us issues, either in mental or physical health.

So much of the above could be avoided if we looked after our mental health.

Whether you require healing, training, managing techniques, coping strategies to help find a better work-life balance or just stuck in a never-ending cycle of discontentment and unhappiness,

Bespoke Therapy & Training offers;

Please click on any of the above for more information or access the contact us page and we will be happy to answer any of your questions in the knowledge that you will be heard and that everything is totally confidential.


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